Diabetes Breakthrough ยท  January 2023

Hey there, John Cooper here

I’m a medical researcher with a history of erratic blood sugar.

And I have life-changing news for you if you’re sick and tired of the diabetes rollercoaster. 

My team here at Talor Labs

Decided to do the impossible

And uncover the true key to healthy glucose levels

It’s simple, easy

And can be done from home in the next few minutes

Allowing you to turn back the clock on your erratic blood sugar. 

This groundbreaking method has passed through our extensive trials,

And has shown significant promise with over 20,000 testers

And in just a moment…

We’ll show you how to replicate their results from the comfort of your own home

To wake you up from the elevated glucose nightmare once and for all.

Now you may be wondering,

Why I’m speaking to you from a small video on our website,

And not the front page of Time Magazine

Well, despite our groundbreaking and safe results

We've been told we have to wait over six months to release to the public

And yet, with millions of Americans suffering from glucose-related concerns...

And more dying everyday

Compared to almost every other age-related disease and the virus combined

We decided 6 months was just too long

We needed to spread the word fast

And show you what's being hidden from you

Big pharma be damned

So far, this short yet transformative broadcast

Has been viewed by over 1 million people

So it’s crucial you listen closely

As I can’t say how long it will be online.

You see, we're facing censorship from every angle…

YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms

Have told us until we get our approvals

We may be banned from spreading this controversial method online

Meaning this information is only available on this website

For as long as we can keep it up and running

So to clarify, in the next 3 minutes I will show you

The true cause of your erratic blood sugar...

Hint: it has nothing to do with your pancreas

The dirty medical secrets about diabetes medications, Insulin and other treatments

And how they could leave you in grave danger if you don’t act fast

And most importantly…

A breakthrough 2-minute method

Which can support perfect blood sugar readings in a matter of days...

Using a combination of ingredients

You likely have in your kitchen pantry right now.

This simple at-home trick I’m about to show you…

Works no matter your age, genetics

Or how long you've suffered from blood sugar problems.

And if you’re skeptical right about now, I understand

And not in the shallow way you doctor, friends and family, say “they understand”

While they talk behind your back

About how you’re over-exaggerating the excruciating pain of high blood sugar

No, I understand deeply,

As a former sufferer myself

And I need you to know, it is not your fault

You see, I know what it feels to be plagued with fear

Wondering if you’ll be hit with sudden complications.

 Or ever live to see your grandchildren grow

I understand those persistent late night thoughts

Wondering why God chose you of all people to suffer

And most importantly,

I know how erratic blood sugar destroys your ability to hope and believe

Turning you into a raging skeptic

Unable to trust anyone or anything

Because despite my medical background

High blood sugar made me desperate

And forced me to try things I knew had no medical basis for working

You see, out of desperation, I tried everything

Keto, Paleo, P90X you name it

And when they didn't work

I resorted to long and painful fasts

And all these so-called solutions did, was raise my hopes

And crush them to pieces them again

While intense cravings, nausea and nerve pain continued to chip away at my body

Leaving me helpless, wondering if I’d be stuck that way forever

But I persisted and continued testing everything I could

Pushing through trial after trial here at our world-renowned lab in California

Hoping to find a solution

To give me my old life back

And thank the lord I did

Because now I have the freedom to enjoy life

Eat all my favorite foods

And reclaim the independence I once had before I was locked away in the blood sugar prison.

And that's what I want from you.

So, as a former sufferer, I ask for you to stick with me for just 3 minutes

And take the words I say very seriously

Because I promise they will change your life forever

So watch this urgent presentation until the very end

As I can’t say how long it will be online

You see, the diabetes industry is worth 48 billion dollars 

And this simple at-home trick threatens to put them out of business

So it’s possible, they will try everything in their power to take down this inexpensive ritual

Making it crucial you shut off all distractions, take a seat and listen closely 

As the next 3 minutes

Will change your life or the life of a loved one forever

So let’s begin

As I said, My name is John Cooper

I’m 54 years old and live in Lansing, Michigan with my dear wife Genie

You should know I’m not a doctor or physician 

But I recently retired from a 30 year career as a Medical Nutritionist

Medical Nutritionists work alongside scientists to research the hidden effects of diet on our health

My team worked on breakthrough discoveries like the Ketogenic Diet 

And told the stories big food lobbies don’t want you to hear

As a result, I lived a healthy lifestyle

I mean, me and my wife enjoyed eating at restaurants 

And the occasional ice cream or desert after dinner  

But who didn’t

I felt fine 

And was about to ease into my retirement 

When out of nowhere, I began to notice some unusual symptoms

I’d get wild cravings for sweet foods

And become fatigued doing basic tasks

My belly fat grew like crazy 

And nerve pains chewed away at my fingers 

I thought, maybe this just came with aging

Until everything got worse

My vision started failing

And I got hit with a tingling in the feet which wouldn’t go away

Along with extreme bouts of thirst

And an uncontrollable urge to urinate 

My wife became worried and pushed me to see a doctor 

Who after one test

Told me I had type 2 diabetes

This hit me like a ton of bricks

Yet, I felt reassured when my physician, Dr. Chen

Told me it was treatable

“Eat healthy, sleep well, exercise and you'll be fine”, he repeated

While prescribing me medication and hurrying me out the room

So, I did as I was told 

Switched to a strict diet and exercise plan

Swallowed the pills he fed me 

And dished out hundreds on blood sugar tests

Yet, despite this, my health continued to decline

My weight ballooned, blood sugar skyrocketed and cravings only intensified 

I told Dr. Chen, his advice wasn’t working

His solution; 

Upgrade my medication

He was the expert, I thought 

And took his pills hoping for the best

And while, they did make “feel” better for a while

Over the next few years, these daily pills ruined my life

Flushing out my wallet

And leaving me with a bunch of dangerous side effects 

Like bloating, muscle aches and kidney pains

My blood pressure and cholesterol shot through the roof 

While, I couldn’t sleep, exercise or even focus

You may have noticed some of these symptoms too

My feet then went from tingling, to fully numb

Until one day, I could barely feel anything below my knees 

Forcing me to take time off work

Worst of all, the medication did nothing to help my blood sugar

Which skyrocketed to astronomical heights

I became depressed and it pains me to say it considered ending it all

The truth is I felt weak

Like I was a burden to others

And believed deep down this was all my fault

It was a dark period in my life

And, while it felt like I had hit rock bottom

As you’re about to see, the worse had yet to come

Because, on one unsuspecting afternoon

The unthinkable happened

You always assume it’ll be some other poor soul

But this time it was me

It was a warm summer day 

Months before, I had been forced back to work

Because the cost of insulin had become too much

Though to be honest, I was happy to try and get my life back on track

So, I was in my lab, trying to meet a deadline

When suddenly, my mouth dried up

I hopped up to fetch a bottle of water

But as I stood, I began to feel dizzy

And fell quick 

Smashing my head into the corner of my desk

I couldn’t remember much after 

Just floating in and out of consciousness

And the blaring of ambulance sirens

After a few terrifying hours

I woke up in an hospital bed

In excruciating pain, to weak to move

And unable to feel my legs

You see, what had happened was

Without knowing I’d fell into a coma

Triggered by erratic blood sugar

I remember seeing my lovely wife

Heaving and sobbing with her entire body

Filled with tears in her eyes 

As her parents

My mother and father in law, where comforting her

A deep sense of shame grow in my chest

For putting my sweetheart through this

And embarrassment

At the look of disapproval in my wife's parents eyes

As they saw me in this state 

150lbs overweight, to frail to feed myself

Or walk because my legs had become so numb

Most of all, though 

I felt guilt for not doing more when I had the chance

Obediently following useless advice from, Dr Chen

As he stuffed me silly with risky medications 

So, while lying at death's door

I made a desperate prayer to God

If he were to let me survive through this

I would be proactive

Use the medical experience I’d gathered from my job

And do everything in my power to fight my unstable blood sugar

Then, Dr Chen, entered the room

He told my wife 

I’d likely survive but they may have to amputate

You see, the tingling in my feet was a sign 

My legs where in grave danger

Yet, I ignored this

Because Dr Chen told me it was normal for those with erratic blood sugar

Well, this tingling had progressed, until it left my feet looking like this

And now they were going to have to cut them off

My wife screamed

Telling Dr Chen, it was all his fault

For misleading us

Telling me high blood sugar was easily treatable

With a good diet, sleep and exercise

To which he sternly replied, through his thick Chinese accent

Maybe if you and your husband, ate better

He wouldn’t be in this mess

Gesturing at her stomach

I swelled up with rage 

To mislead me is one thing

But speaking to my wife like this was too far

I mustered up all the power I had 

And erupted off my hospital bed toward him

But security got in the way before I could do anything

You have to understand, I’m a mellow guy but every man has a limit

This forced them to delay my amputation

And as you are about to find out

This became the best thing to ever happen to us

Because, on my hospital bed

I had made a promise to God

That I wasn’t going to sit by and let this to happen again

I was going to take action

So, as soon as I got home 

Wheelchair bound and still in excruciating pain

I began reading

Medical forums, health journals anything I could get my hands on

In a desperate attempt to take back control against my high blood sugar

I was stunned by how quickly this disease was on the rise in America

1 third of all Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic 

Which expected to rise to half in 5 years

Yeah, you heard that right and a whopping 1 in 4 of these sufferers

Are at risk of having an amputation performed in their lifetime

Do you ever feel like your vision is getting worse? 

Well, 1 in 3 sufferers are at risk of eyesight loss due to diabetic retinopathy

Feeling more forgetful recently? 

Well type 2 diabetes skyrockets your chance of early-onset memory loss

In fact, scientists are now calling Alzheimer’s disease, type 3 diabetes.

I found that Metformin - the most used medication for diabetics

Had been deemed unsafe for human consumption for containing NDMA

Which is a toxic substance that can cause intense nausea, vomiting and much worse

Experts say it’s like pouring fuel on the fire

As the dangerous cells take over and eat away at your insides

Yet the physicians we trust have no issues dishing it out like it’s candy

I searched day and night for solutions but kept hitting dead ends

Every forum, journal and specialist repeated the same thing

Eat healthy, exercise and take your meds

Yet, following this useless advice put me in hospital 

And may cost me my legs

It was like no-one cared

I became frustrated and considered giving up. 

Then, just when I thought I had contacted everyone, my wife asked

Have you talked to Evaldo, I remember him having type 2

I figured it was worth a shot

You see, Evaldo was my old college roommate 

And happened to be insanely smart

Back in Med-School, he would get perfect 100s, without ever studying

Later, he moved to the UK where he now lives with his wife and children

I hadn’t spoken to him since but gave him a call

Hoping he knew some under-the-radar treatment overseas 

I rang and explained everything..

He simply replied, John, You need to know about Dr. Talor

Dr. Talor was a maverick Endocrinologist based in the UK

Famous for his detailed studies on blood sugar 

His team then used his findings 

To develop a cutting-edge method for perfect blood sugar levels in British patients

Tens of thousands of British sufferers including Evaldo had been using it from home 

Without medication, diet or exercise changes

It's amazing, He said My blood sugar hasn’t passed 100 since I started

Still, I was skeptical

My experience with doctors had been horrible

But… At that point I had nothing to lose

I asked how I could get started

Well it’s only being piloted in the UK, he told me

But, Dr. Talor is giving a talk in California next week

And I can use my connections to get you a short meeting after

California was a 5 hour flight 

But I was willing to go to the ends-of-earth

To fight the damage high blood sugar had wrecked on my life

So, I booked a ticket and set on my way

Hoping for the best

Dr Talor ended up being a smart, no-nonsense guy

He had traveled the world 

And was acclaimed for his groundbreaking blood sugar research in the UK, Australia and Singapore

And his story was fascinating

Originally from a small town in Oklahoma

He worked day-and-night to get into med school and lift his parents out of poverty

Then, while in college, his dad was diagnosed with type 2 

He watched his fathers health break down

As fatigue, weight gain and the cost of medications crippled and forced his parents into debt

It got so bad his father couldn’t work anymore 

And quickly became depressed

He couldn’t sit by doing nothing 

So he made it his mission

To one day find a solution to his fathers blood sugar imbalances

Without the drugs that bankrupted his family and destroyed his fathers health

And this is why I went to the UK, He explained

You see in the UK they address the root cause of blood sugar imbalances 

Instead of just managing the symptoms like in America

This is why type 2 rates in the UK are nearly 1 third of what they are here

Despite having practically the same diet and exercise patterns

In the US we’re fixated on dangerous exercises and bland restrictive diets

When studies prove sugar and carbs have nothing to do with type 2

In fact, sugar and carb consumption has plummeted in America over the last 15 years

While type 2 rates are growing faster than ever before

Americans are trying hard to maintain steady blood sugar levels

But they're going about it the wrong way

Let me explain

As you may know, erratic blood sugar is a result of insulin resistance…

Caused by visceral fat suffocating your pancreas

Which in turn, leads to diabetes.

Now, if it’s your faulty, fat-coated pancreas…

That’s destroying your ability to maintain healthy blood sugar levels... 

Then, it only makes sense that healing your pancreas 

Will help free your body from glucose-related conditions, right?

Well, as you’re about to find out…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg…

You see, most American doctors have failed to dig any further into this

Which led me to believe they were hiding crucial information about the root cause of erratic blood sugar. 

So, I decided this was a lead worth investigating

I began by asking even simpler questions, like…

Where does the fat on your pancreas even come from? And is that really the true cause of diabetes?” 

And while I expected to have an answer within minutes…

These questions would lead to the natural blood sugar solution I’m about to share with you.

See, shockingly enough…

I found out that the medical communities couldn’t even agree on the origins of glucose-related concerns.. 

For decades, mainstream medicine and the Big Pharma execs have touted the idea that our pancreas is to blame

And on one hand, that seems to make sense…

Because the pancreas is responsible for insulin production.

But research carried out at the prestigious Newcastle University in the United Kingdom reveals that 

While the fat strangling your pancreas is what's causing your erratic blood sugar 

These nasty fat cells actually originate from a completely different place..

Your liver

You see, after conducting numerous clinical trials on people across the world…

These amazing researchers found the hidden root cause of erratic blood sugar to be an "obese liver." 

Now while this may sound like scientific mumbo-jumbo, it's actually incredibly important...

In fact, it's the key to maintaining perfect blood sugar levels for good

Here's why: 

According to Dr. Taylor, the lead researcher from the Newcastle University team 

Too much fat in the liver makes it respond poorly to insulin. 

As a result, two things happen…

First, the liver produces too much glucose…

Then, excess fat in the liver is passed on to the pancreas…

Which disrupts the pancreas’ normal insulin producing cells…

And stops insulin production. 

Now as you may know, insulin resistance is what causes type 2 diabetes

Which means addressing this issue could be the secret key that’s been hidden from the public…

Professor Taylor calls this the “Twin Cycle Hypothesis”...

[add image of Dr. Taylor’s study] 

Because these are the “twin causes” of the most frustrating blood sugar concerns: 

Excess fat in the liver, and excess fat in the pancreas.

This also explains why skinny people can become pre-diabetic or diabetic, by the way…

Because even if you’re skinny on the outside…

It’s entirely possible that you’ve got too much fat in your liver and your pancreas.

Now hearing all of this compelling evidence from Dr. Taylor...

Made my blood run cold 

Because doctors here in America never told me ANYTHING about this information

Yet, this groundbreaking UK study from Dr. Taylor put me light-years ahead towards finding a legitimate answer to my blood sugar nightmare. 

Thanks to the breakthrough research by Dr. Taylor..

We have a simple understanding of what causes type 2.

We now know it all starts with fat in the liver…

Which is the REAL cause of high blood glucose (not the foods we eat that seem to spike blood sugar)… 

Plus, we now know the REAL reason your pancreas can’t produce insulin is that fat travels from your liver to your pancreas…

And “clogs” it so that insulin can’t get out. 

Think about it…

If your out-of-control blood sugar is caused by fat in the liver and pancreas…

Then, all you need to do is lose fat in those two vital organs…

And your erratic blood sugar should be a thing of the past. 

Dr. Taylor’s research was verified again using the largest study of its kind

A double-blind clinical trial, the gold standard in medicine, which proved definitively

That Dr. Taylor’s “Twin Cycle Theory” was correct. 

The results reported by a top science publication stated 

“That the good news for people with type 2 diabetes is that our work shows that even if you have had the condition for 10 years

You are likely to be able to reverse it by moving that all-important tiny amount of fat out of your liver”

That's it.

Just a tiny amount of fat is all you need to remove from your liver,

About one to two grams and sugar levels should come back spic-and-span

Even better… 

His findings also confirmed a 7-day time frame for optimal blood sugar levels...

And showed that all it takes is losing about one gram of fat in the pancreas to dramatically support your healthy blood sugar. 

And yes, you read that right…

Dr. Taylor’s research suggests you can see breakthrough results in just 7 days! 

Isn't that remarkable? 

Here it is, the key to reversing type 2 diabetes for the world to see…

And yet no one in the US was talking about it! 

Hearing this explanation made everything clear

I had seen some of these studies as a nutritional researcher but never put the dots together.

I felt real hope 

That I could finally have a normal, healthy life again…

Before I was plagued with erratic blood sugar. 

So I begged Dr Talor to help us 

In America, we don’t even know the cause of blood sugar issues

We have tried so many medications, diets and specialists but nothing

Dr Talor then explained to me...

John, they obviously don't know and it's not their fault

The blood sugar industry controlled by Big Pharma is a 48 billion dollar a year industry

They fund the media through ads and spend billions lobbying senators

It’s in their interest to keep these advancements hidden away from the public

This is why real breakthroughs take decades or never make it to the American public. 

They don’t want cures

They just want to sell you medications for the rest of your life

I became furious 

Being in the medical field myself, I can’t believe I didn't recognize this

We need to at-least try to get this solution out there, please! I screamed

I told him about my upcoming amputation 

And the years of damage unstable blood sugar levels had done to my health

I couldn’t let millions of Americans suffer the same fate.

He was sympathetic 

And told me he would share his blood sugar method with me

But warned me to stay safe

You never know how far the elite powers will go

He showed me how he originally started his research 

With a large US drug manufacturer And when he made progress...

They worried a solution would cut into their profits 

So, they cut his funding.

I was stuck, he explained

I needed to finish my research to help my father

And was forced to move to the UK

He showed me all the success stories in the UK 

And how he was able to calm the blood sugar levels in his father

All his participants melted away their liver fat

Waved a final goodbye to their erratic blood sugar…

Along with the headaches, torment, and stress that come with it…

And in just a few days, with no changes to diet or exercise to boot.

Which is why the blood sugar industry is terrified of its power.

It is not in their interest to release a simple remedy 

They can’t charge 1000s of dollars for it in the public

Now just like you, I was curious 

To find out the exact specifics of this breakthrough natural blood sugar protocol 

So, pay careful attention now

Because the following information comes from top-secret medical research

To which the general public has no access

Because as I’ve mentioned before, the crooked blood sugar industry will do anything in their power to keep you stuck in their medication merry-go-round. 

And they’ll stop at nothing to keep this breakthrough method under wraps

“Fill me in, Dr. Talor, what’s the secret?” I asked…

Well, remember how I told you the root cause of erratic blood sugar

Came from fat on the liver, NOT the pancreas?

Well that’s just the start…”

Dr. Talor explained how fatty liver is not an issue for normal, healthy people…

But as a diabetic or pre-diabetic, your body can’t properly wash away the fat on your liver and pancreas…

Which means no matter how hard you exercise or how healthy you eat…

It’ll be impossible for your body to produce insulin properly. 

It's like trying to mop up an orange juice spill in the kitchen without any soap or water. 

When the mop is dry, the ground will be sticky no matter how hard you scrub and you’ll never get the results you want. 

Of course you can see, this is not your fault.

“In the case of diabetes,” Dr. Talor continued…

This “fat buildup” blocks your body’s natural ability to burn fat correctly. Which then causes our liver to suffocate…

And festers into the horrifying things that sufferers are all too familiar with... 

Like erratic blood sugar, fatigue, food cravings, and weight gain. 

Obviously, this wasn’t the news I wanted to hear…

“So what’s the solution?” I asked impatiently...

“In my past five years of intensive research here at Talor labs…

I’ve come across a few things that may sound strange, but have incredible healing potential. 

Specifically, one unique substance fell onto my research desk called, “Metavanadate”

Which is a rare element extracted from iron ores in only a handful of regions in the world. 

The indigenous tribe it came from, have close to ZERO known cases of high blood sugar. 

So we decided to test its effects on patients suffering from glucose-related conditions…

To see if it’d be the blood sugar breakthrough we’d been searching for.

At first, it showed little improvement on blood glucose levels…

But I had a hunch we were onto something…

So I dug further.

Even though everyone would think I was crazy for spending my time on something that barely had any proof of working. 

Every night I waited for everyone to leave the lab so I could continue my research

Being the mad scientist I am, I wasn’t going to quit. 

And I thank God for my  attitude..

Because one night...

Just as I was about to consider it a dead lead...

I tested something I’ve never tried before

I knew I was close to a breakthrough. 

So instead of extracting the natural element using our high-grade, industrial equipment at the lab…

I did it manually using the same “squeeze” method researchers used in the 1800s when Metavanadate was first discovered. 

The next day, we tested it on participants and my jaw dropped at the results. 

We struck gold. 

Every trial using this new, safer, and more effective form of Metavanadate…

Led to perfect blood sugar levels in the participants…

It was like taking a pressure wash to the liver 

Leaving it shiny and clean, allowing their bodies to finally burn fat off their organs, like a well-oiled machine. 

It turns out, the “standard” extraction process of this natural element

Actually destroys the profound effects of Metavanadate. 

Think of it like decaf coffee…

You’ll never get the same energetic buzz from decaf as you would from a normal cup of joe. 

It’s the same way with Metavanadate. 

Using this newfound extraction process, 

Allows us to siphon all the “healing” benefits from the element

While ensuring nothing gets watered down in the process. 

Discovering this “squeeze” method has become our biggest blood sugar breakthrough, ever. 

And it’s taken literally hundreds of trials to perfect this

Which is why no one else is even talking about Metavanadate.

Not to toot my own horn

But I don’t think any other scientist in the world could replicate what I’ve done

Unless I walked them through it step-by-step.

A few doses of our newfound formula…

Burns practically all the fat suffocating an obese liver 

Allowing the body to maintain near perfect blood sugar readings…

And alleviating the signs of glucose-related conditions…

Like numbness, fatigue, and weight gain…

But please keep this to yourself, I don’t want to threaten American Big Pharma execs more than I already have.”

Needless to say, this was incredible…

A simple element found in iron ore, extracted in a way no one’s ever tried before...

Which could kick our bodies blood sugar healing mechanism into overdrive…

And provide blessed-relief throughout the body, in a matter of days?

Isn’t that fascinating? 

And trust me, I’ve done ALL the research…

No one’s tried this new “squeeze” method of extracting

Because most manufacturers of Metavanadate look for ways to save on costs

Instead of finding ways to maximize potency. 

So they’ll continue using industrial-grade equipment 

For the sake of profits to line their own pockets…

Rather than trying methods that may take more man hours up front, but leads to a much more effective nutrient to address erratic blood sugar. 

One of the world’s foremost experts showing us the cold-hard proof, 

Where he successfully identified a natural solution, helped thousands of british sufferers…

And discovered a much cheaper and safer alternative that the medical industry kept hidden for years.

But don't expect to see this in the mainstream media they are too busy running ads for the pharmaceutical companies

Who are making billions off your ill-health.

That's why they want to shut me down and that's why it's crucial you get this information today.

So, with my palms sweating and heart racing…

I calmly asked Dr. Talor to share his breakthrough formula with me

Fortunately, he was more than happy to let me in on his discoveries.

Even better…

Dr. Talor laid out his entire natural blood sugar protocol

Where after researching more than 500 plants, herbs, and elements…

He ultimately settled on a handful of powerful ingredients…

Which, when combined together…

Appeared to alleviate erratic blood sugar from the inside out...

Helping to clear out the fat from your liver and pancreas,

And rewinding the clock on your health 

So you can make a remarkable and rapid comeback…

Free from the shackles of erratic blood sugar.

So here are those miracle ingredients…

First off, Metavanadate

This is the all-natural “Miracle Element” I just shared with you.

And when combined with the unique “squeeze” method Dr. Talor discovered for extracting Metavanadate

It has become the biggest blood sugar breakthrough to date. 

It’s without a doubt the most powerful nutrient known to man for healthy blood sugar levels…

And you will not see this anywhere else

Because not only is it a brand new 2021 discovery

But the pharmaceutical industry has taken down every other supplier of this breakthrough nutrient.  

Next we have, Commiphora mukul

Through his experiments…

Doctor Talor discovered another powerful miracle ingredient, 

It was the rare Burseraceae plant, commiphora mukul...

One of only 540 in existence  

This specific one had been used for 1000s of years

By Indian tribes for it’s miraculous healing benefits 

And has been been shown to prevent “obese liver” 

It’s like taking a blowtorch to liver fat

Practically melting it away

While also shredding fat from other problem areas.

In fact, Research published by both the University of Michigan Medicine concluded…

“Commiphora mukul is an effective bioactive molecule to suppress body weight, improve insulin and lipid sensitivity, ultimately leading to regulate body weight.”

And he knew it was essential to combine this with…

White Mulberry Leaf

White Mulberry Leaf helps relieve high blood sugar levels at its core. 

Here’s how: 

Remember how we talked about an “obese liver”? 

Well, White Mulberry has been shown to target fatty liver, resulting in healthy blood sugar levels. 

You see, excess calories leads to excess fat in the liver. As a result, the liver responds poorly to insulin and the body produces too much glucose.

Causing high blood sugar levels.

At the same time excess fat in the liver increases the normal process of export of fat to all tissues.

In the pancreas, this excess fat causes the insulin producing cells to fail.

Thankfully White Mulberry also eliminates these fat build ups that lead to unhealthy blood sugar levels.

One of the world's major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information – discovered that Mulberry lowers body weight and prevents new fat deposits from forming.

Another study showed that- White Mulberry Leaf contributed to healthy blood sugar, and lower plasma lipids (fatty acids) – the type of fat loves to attach and suffocate your liver.

Dr. Talor also shared a final yet essential “booster” ingredient…

Known as “The Destroyer of Sugar”

It’s called Indian Gurmar.

Indian Gurmar improves blood sugar levels in several ways:

It slows the absorption of glucose in the gut…

Helps stimulate the release of insulin from the pancreas…

And assists in boosting the correct use and storage of glucose in the body.

In one specific study…

Researchers had 22 patients taking 400mg of Indian Gurmar – along with their medication – for 18-20 months.

After a matter of weeks, 5 of the 22 participants could stop their conventional treatment altogether for the duration of the trial.

Isn’t that incredible?

Plus, Indian Gurmar helps with weight loss by curbing sugar cravings…

Along with inhibiting the absorption of glucose and fat in the gut.

This powerful combination has even been clinically proven to stabilize blood sugar levels...

While keeping your organs fresh, healthy, and operating like a fresh new car off the lot.

You’ll enjoy the boundless energy of your youth 

Finally waving goodbye to food cravings, nausea, fatigue and vision loss for good

Then Dr. Talor wanted to make sure the effects of his solution lasted a lifetime

Which is why he recommended 15 more of the most potent and proven ingredients…

All shown in numerous studies to be beneficial in improving blood sugar levels, promoting weight loss, and taking back the reigns of your life.

But Dr. Talor warned me, about the many cheap imitations of all these ingredients

He knew this because, his team carefully tested 97% of the available natural extracts

Of the powerful blood sugar relieving berries, herbs and extracts.

And found out they were derived from chemicals

NOT from natural sources

This means, the ingredients you think you are buying from the store 

Will not deliver the same amazing results REAL herbal extracts will

Like the ones I just shared with you...

Listening to him explain this I realized despite my medical background

I would not be able to recreate the formula as he did

He knew the proper “squeeze” method, the exact proportions, the order of the ingredients, 

The best type of each plant, how to source for purity

And most importantly his team had done it before

Yet, Dr. Talor was a busy man 

So it took months of following up with him to remake his powerful formula

We both knew how risky this was 

As we could have lost our freedom and even our lives

But we did it anyway 

The health and wellbeing of myself and millions of Americans was more important..

We had the formula, the knowledge and a lab all to ourselves 

We searched the entire world through our scientific connections 

And only contacted certified producers and verified suppliers, 

Teaching them how to replicate the exact “squeeze” method discovered by Dr. Talor, 

To create the same exact blood sugar natural extract for the American public. 

Making sure for our recipe, we used the best quality ingredients

It was tiresome

We secretly worked night after night, testing until dawn 

Making sure we got the right quantities and the most effective combination of ingredients.

And in the end there it was. 

My hands where shaking

As I was holding the formula which could give me my life back 

If this tiny, natural pill helped me achieve perfect blood sugar levels

It would be a miracle

So, of course, I was the first to try it

All I had to do was take 1 plant-based tablet a day

With a large glass of water

Now, after the horrific side effects of prescribed medications

I was scared of all things medicine

However, since seeing the life changing effects 

It had on Dr Talor’s participants in the UK

Along with knowing the science checked out

I became excited to give it a try

Yet after taking the first pill 

I didn’t feel a thing

I was slightly disappointed

But Dr. Talor pled with me to continue

And showed me again and again the research 

Proving it worked 

So I carried on 

Then, after a few days something amazing happened

I started feeling more energetic 

And lighter than ,I had felt in years

Like crystal healing waters, the capsules had cleaned me out.

I slept the all night and woke up feeling revitalized 

Enough to make an early morning appearance at my gym

And straight after I ran home 

To check my fasting blood sugar level

And was shocked to see such an incredible improvement.

I was full of life

I could finally see and think clearly

Eat anything I wanted without having to obsess over its effect on my blood sugar

Allowing me to begin to the carefree retirement I had worked so hard for 

I woke up from my blood sugar nightmare once and for all.

My last checkup with the doctors felt like Christmas morning. 

Dr. Chen couldn’t BELIEVE his eyes when my blood sugar readings came back perfect

“We’ll go ahead and cancel the leg amputation... 

Your blood sugar levels are in the normal range. Matter of fact, I don’t think we’d even consider you diabetic anymore.

Whatever it is you’re doing, keep doing it. ” The doctor said…

Those words sounded like music to my ears. 

I finally took matters into my own hands…

And the surprised look of my doctors, 

After seeing my blood tests come back near perfect…

Made all the late nights, early mornings, and countless hours of research worth it.

My beautiful wife, Genie, was even happier than I was…

We no longer had to eat dry, bland food or sacrifice dessert…

Nor did we have to prick my finger every few hours. 

I finally felt free. 

No more expensive and toxic medications…

No more threats from the doctor…

And no more stress, knowing my body was back to a normal, healthy state.

But, one person was not enough to prove this formula worked

And, if it worked for me

Would it work for everyone?

We needed to test it on more people who suffered from unstable blood sugar levels

and the unbearable fatigue, nausea and tiredness that come with it

People whose insides were screaming help

Because of the excess build up of toxic fat choking their livers

We needed a wide variety of people from the newly afflicted

To those suffering for over 30 years 

To make 100% sure this formula worked for everyone

Me and my wife, posted ads online and in local newspapers

Asking for people to test our all-natural remedy 

We amassed a total of 63 people

Ready to embark on our experiment 


And what happened next was astonishing

Without exception and in a few weeks

All 63 volunteers showed groundbreaking results 

Every single one reported a fasting blood sugar readings in the normal range

With many stating their blood pressure and cholesterol levels also plummeted

They had maintained perfect blood sugar levels

Without changing their diet, sleep or exercise

Throwing their useless medications and test strips away for good

A lot of them told us they were feeling healthier

And melted pounds of fat off their frame

Our subjects were experiencing bursts of energy and restful sleep

Waving goodbye to “that sluggish feeling” for good

We were bombarded with emails and phone calls

Our subjects were amazed with their results 

And kept asking for more of our one-of-a-kind natural blood sugar formula

It became clear we were on a mission 

We had created a proven all-natural supplement

Allowing you to target the real root cause of unstable blood sugar

One which can also calm blood pressure and cholesterol levels 

Whilst inducing rapid, yet healthy weight loss

I decided with the blessing of Dr. Talor to produce the supplement 

To make it available for all sufferers

And we called it Glucofreeze

Because that’s what the amazing nutrients inside it do…

They help freeze your high blood sugar levels right in its tracks…

And free you from the diabetes nightmare for good..

Allowing you to get back to the life you fully enjoyed in just a few weeks…

Without being tied to dangerous medication disappointments every time you see a doctor.

So now, you’re probably wondering how it’s possible for you to get GlucoFreeze in the palms of your hands…

And what the best regimen is to get the best results from it?

To be straightforward, our critical guidelines make it hard for the general public to get GlucoFreeze

Because the ingredients are selectively chosen with each batch, and cultivated in a sterile facility…

And we also screen each out ingredient, and test for maximum potency…

All as part of our proprietary and detailed process.

With that said…

GlucoFreeze is something people still keep asking for more and more of…

And while the good word continues to spread…

We impose strict limits on the batches we produce, so we can provide everyone with the freshest ingredients possible without sacrificing quality.

Plus, keeping a focus on purity helps to not only protect your blood sugar levels for the long haul… 

The potent nutrients also shield people who don’t even suffer from glucose-related conditions…

While giving them the chance to protect their physical health, their well-being, and their bank account before the suffering can even start.

That said...

Our expensive, quality-focused production from our manufacturer is limited to a number of batches per year…

Which means these bottles fly off the shelves each time they’re made available again.


I can’t stand the thought of other people going through what I experienced…

Which is why I’m going to share how you can get a fresh bottle of GlucoFreeze in your hands this week…

As part of my new “Blood Sugar Relief” program.

First, let’s cover the details of how this all works…

It’s actually really easy…

You just take 1 capsule a day with a meal…

And keep this up for at least 30 days...

Taking it for at least 30 days allows the nutrients in GlucoFreeze to help penetrate the fat buildup at the core…

Restoring your body’s natural ability to achieve healthy blood sugar levels…

And allowing each ingredient to take the front lines at relieving erratic blood sugar...

While melting fat off your body in the process. 

And while the fat buildup in your body has already been there for years now…

Triggering a spike in your blood sugar…

It’s crucial to allow these therapeutic ingredients to do their job...

While they go to work and remove these traces of fat from the inside out.

Remember: your weight gain, fatigue, food cravings, and numbness are warning signs coming from your body...

Meaning that your blood sugar levels are already becoming violently erratic...

While inviting other inflammatory diseases to take shape at the same time…

Making it crucial that your body absorbs each ingredient over the course of a few weeks… 

So it can not only penetrate fat from within the cells of your body…

But also so it can help maintain perfect blood sugar levels, therapeutic healing, and vibrant energy for a longer term.

That’s why health researchers recommend starting with at least 3 bottles of GlucoFreeze…

Where 6 bottles is better if you want to absolutely guarantee to safe-guard your body for the many years to come…


That way, you’re taking a more strategic approach against the blood sugar war right off the bat…

While alleviating the fears of glucose-related conditions from creeping back up…

Because we’re only human…

And environmental, physical, and lifestyle stressors will easily sneak back up on us…

So maintaining a healthy body and blood sugar levels, even after your organs have repaired themselves…

Can protect your body from here on out from any future worries.

Because, the truth is…

Across our nation, blood sugar problems of all kinds are becoming all too common…

And according to the American Diabetes Association…

Over 34 million Americans suffer from glucose-related complications like weight gain, chronic fatigue, wild food cravings, and thousands of dollars in medical bills…

While they’re collecting more deadly drugs from their doctors…

Until they finally shake it off and refuse to accept this as a “lifelong condition”...

Especially after they experience the natural and potent healing powers of GlucoFreeze.


Just like Jessica N who says…

Hi, John. I'm writing to you as a sign of gratitude and appreciation. Your method helped me maintain healthy blood sugar levels, but that's not all, because I also lost 32 pounds of ugly fat and I'm now wearing the same size as when I was 27 years old. I'm so happy I tried your natural solution. I'm free from the horrible daily pains I had. Definitely, your method transformed my life. I was so lucky to find you.

Same with Peter M., 64-year-old from Massachusetts who wrote in to say…

Thank you for sharing your blood sugar video. I'm glad I watched it until the end, because with your powerful mechanism, I had my normal life back in only five weeks. I used to feel like a burden to my family, but now, not only have I kept my blood sugar in check, I also feel full of energy and can eat whatever I want, including cakes and pizza.

The real stories you just heard are a handful of the hundreds I’ve been getting each week…

And you should know that GlucoFreeze is only available on this site at this time…

At least while we can keep up with the demand before Big Pharma catches wind.

See, I’ve been facing threats from pharmaceutical lawyers on a regular basis now…

And even though they’re furious, and with good reason…

It’s worth it for me to put up this good fight…

Because I want to see you reclaim your life with GlucoFreeze.

The pleasantly surprised group of people who’ve already tried the formula said it was their first REAL chance at turning back the clock on their blood sugar problems...

Which is why I’m confident these ingredients can do the same for you…

While helping to shield your body from glucose-related conditions for years to come…

Allowing you to bounce back into your career and family activities…

While protecting your bank account, body, and sanity from any expensive drugs and ineffective treatments.

Just imagine…

How good you’ll feel when you end those doctor visits that waste your time and energy, over and over again…

Freeing up your bank account to spend your money on things that truly matter to you...

Even getting yourself back into exercise, regular hobbies, and more quality time with loved ones.

All it takes is 1 capsule of GlucoFreeze each day…

For the nutrients to get you on the path back to a healthy, vibrant life.

Of course, you know there’s other options out there for you too…

Like the buffet of drugs your doctor throws at you without a thought...

Where, as you now know

People are often given excessive doses of these drugs…

Including refills they don’t even need any more…

Just so the doctors and big pharma lobbyists can profit off your ill-health. 

The same goes with those extreme workout plans...

 Which are not only impossible to stick to...

And disappoint you every single time you try...

But they leave you more discouraged and hopeless, thanks to their false and over exaggerated promises.

Oh, let’s also not forget the quack diets out there…

Like Keto, paleo, or atkins, which can sometimes deceive you into thinking they might’ve worked...

Until you wake up one morning and your food cravings return with a vengeance…

Leading you to over-indulge on the sweets more than ever before.


That said…

You can see how fair the original investment was at $179 for a bottle of GlucoFreeze…

Which others would gladly pay over and over again.


When compared to the list of side effects and co-pays you’ll finally put behind you…

Including the increased insurance premiums...

While also saying goodbye to excessive medical appointments…

And keeping those extra thousands of dollars for yourself…

You can see how a single dose of GlucoFreeze already pays for itself, don’t you?


Just ONE manufacturing facility made the cut to produce GlucoFreeze at the quality and level I demanded…

With each capsule containing the freshest, and most bioavailable form out there when it comes to these therapeutic blood sugar agents…

Everyone agrees that $179 is really a bargain.


I’m not in this to rake in some cash like the medical establishment would.

Of course, there are manufacturing costs and overhead involved...

Plus the legal fees I have to protect this movement from the blood thirsty medical conglomerates...

Yet even then…

I have a relentless passion to help others…

And all that just isn’t a big issue right now.

The mission here is to get your physical shape, well-being, and lifestyle back to an ideal place...

By first helping you maintain perfect blood sugar levels…

Leaving you free to take life by the horns again, just like I did..

So if you take charge of your physical well-being right now…

And take advantage of the GlucoFreeze “Blood Sugar Relief” campaign…

So you can hop on board with 47,000 other former diabetes sufferers...

You can get your hands on GlucoFreeze for just $69 today.

That’s really just the start though…

Because after experiencing how much high blood sugar wreaked havoc on not just my life, but everyone around me...

It gave me the reality check that we’re not invincible to life-threatening blood sugar levels either…

So you’d be right to worry about the health of your friends and family right now. 

The good news is…

You can put their fears and worries to rest…

And shield their body from the dangerous effects of high glucose readings right out the gate…

With the discounted package plan that’s recently become available…

Where you can get 6 bottles of GlucoFreeze…

For only $49 per bottle.

The thing is though…

I’m only offering this package on this website you’re on right now…

And while we still have stock on hand…

So we can kick my “Blood Sugar Relief” program into high gear.

Plus, as an extra incentive to take control back for your body, and your life…

I’ll waive the $14.99 shipping fee with your multi-bottle purchase…

Which means you’ll get FREE shipping today only.

Remember though…

Once I run out, another batch won’t be made until the next quarter of the year…

So do your blood sugar a favor right now…

And click the 6-bottle package below to add this to your order, or choose another package if you prefer.

Right after you do that…

Let yourself get excited about this important investment in your health…

Because even though the ingredients in a single bottle of GlucoFreeze will do the trick...

And surprise you at how fast they go to work...

While helping maintain your healthy blood sugar levels, and melting fat off your body...

Remember that a 6 month supply will give your body the nutrients it needs to kick your overall blood sugar health into high gear…

And shield yourself from the pain, weight gain, and fatigue from this condition…

While giving you the support you need to enjoy life’s simplest, and most precious moments for decades to come.

Said another way…

After 6 months of taking in the incredible nutrients GlucoFreeze has to offer…

You’ll have flushed away years-worth of erratic blo od suga r...

Literally rewinding the clock on your overall strength, energy, and physical well-being.


Let’s switch gears now, because you’re probably wondering how to get started…

And how you can get GlucoFreeze on its way to your front door today.

Well, it’s simple…

Just choose your discounted package plan below this video right now…

And other than getting excited and optimistic about the recovery you’re going to make…

Just fill out the secure and safely encrypted checkout page with your order details…

And in just 5 business days…

You’ll have your own batch of GlucoFreeze right at your doorstep.

So go ahead and click below now…

Because if you still see the button, then there are still bottles in stock…


To protect your peace of mind, I’m really going to bat for you…

And throwing in a 60 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee with your purchase.

That said, here’s how your “Peace of Mind” Guarantee works:

Just order your package of GlucoFreeze today…

Follow the dosage instructions, and allow the ingredients to start doing its job on your blood sugar...

Then notice how - for the first time in a long time - you’re finally feeling energized…

While the fat melts off your organs and body…

You’re sleeping straight through the night…

The fatigue and food cravings come to an end…

And you’re able to start exercising and living life without pain…

Just like over 47,000 Americans before you.

And if for some reason you decide you’re not happy with GlucoFreeze…

Just email or call my US based customer support team any time of day…

And issue you a prompt refund, with no questions asked.

The best part is you don’t even need to send back the bottles…

They’re yours to keep as my way of saying “thanks” for giving GlucoFreeze a try.

I’m sure by now it’s easy for you to see that you have nothing to lose…

And unlike the prescription drugs and medical treatments out there...

The ingredients in GlucoFreeze are free from the side effects, medical brainwashing, and the need to commit the rest of your life to prescriptions…

And the price that comes with them.

The presentation is now ending, and the ultimate choice is yours…

You can either stop watching now, and leave your erratic blood sugar up to chance like you have until now…

And while that may be easy, you and I both know it won’t change anything for the better.

In fact…

In 6 months from now…

How will you feel when your high blood sugar has continued down its destructive path…

Plaguing you with increased pain, and sending you straight back to medical treatment and surgery?

Because according to the American Diabetes Association…

Food cravings are usually how it starts…

Of course, the numbness in your legs and hands start coming too...

Along with the fatigue and blurred vision…

Before long, serious motor skill complications and blood sugar damage take place…


You’re already aware of how this affects your quality of life...

And according to the US National Library of Medicine…

The downward spiral of suffering is almost always the same.

Including how you will lose more of the activities you once enjoyed…

Because your energy is the first thing to suffer…

Until the bodily fatigue and wild food cravings take its toll on your work, sleep, and personal life...

And your relationships crumble as a result.


Without having to remind you of how this can cost you your independence, your job, and the enjoyment you used to share with your loved ones…

You clearly understand where this all leads to.

Because the fact that you’re still here…

Shows you’re not willing to take that gamble on your life…

And it’s easier for you to not only save the activities and lifestyle you still have today…

But also to turn back the clock on your physical health, your career path, while securing your long stability isn’t it?

So click below, and take back your God given rights to your health…

And get GlucoFreeze at a discount for 3 or 6 bottle packages…

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Because once you do this…

These nutrients will officially put you on course towards perfect blood sugar levels…

Just remember…

Once the remaining batches of GlucoFreeze are snatched from our shelves...

We won’t get more until the next quarter of this year.


Once my “Blood Sugar Relief” campaign is over, the price goes back to $179 per bottle.

So, when you order today…

You’ll be supporting my mission, while also doing your body a huge favor in the process.

It’s your decision…

Yet you and I both know you’re ready to do what’s right for your health.

Thanks for watching, God Bless.


John Cooper 

[3 second pause]  

Still here?

Not a problem, I know we just covered a lot.

To help you out, let me go ahead and answer some of the most common questions you might have…

  1. How does Glucofreeze work again? 

GlucoFreeze is based on the breakthrough research by Dr. Talor, who discovered the natural breakthrough for perfect blood sugar levels, no matter how severe your condition currently is.

And through decades of research…

Dr. Talor realized that erratic blood sugar actually starts with fat build up in your liver…

Which clogs and suffocates the liver causing you to feel fatigued, tired and nauseated.

By simply burning away the fat that’s in your liver, your blood sugar levels may improve within days.

Remember, we only discovered this breakthrough because Dr. Talor is an esteemed researcher who lives outside of the US. 

The United States big pharma lobbyists will NEVER share this groundbreaking blood sugar formula…

Because they want to keep you hooked on their toxic meds…

And profit off your ill-health. 

Each of the 20 ingredients inside GlucoFreeze helps improve blood sugar levels and speeds up weight loss... 

There is nothing out there on the market like our formula. 

  1. Can I take GlucoFreeze even if I have allergies or also take other supplements?

In a word, yes. 

In fact, because the ingredients inside each capsule of GlucoFreeze have been shown to address erratic blood sugar...

They also help relieve inflammati on.

For example, after taking GlucoFreeze for six months straight… 

You may start to notice that these nutrients not only help with erratic blood sugar levels…

But also provides better digestive health, energy levels, and quality of sleep each night… 

And even supports a better mental state, leaving your happier and more focused.

Plus, because the ingredients inside GlucoFreeze are all cultivated from natural sources like plants and herbs… 

It’s 100% safe to take with other supplements, as long as you follow the directions.

  1. Why haven’t I heard of this powerful blood sugar breakthrough before?

So far more than 57,000 Americans have used GlucoFreeze with powerful results…

And I’ve already had tons of threats from unknown phone numbers, telling me they’re going to do everything in their power to take this down…

Because as you now know, the shady diabetes industry will stop at nothing to keep you hooked on their expensive meds. 

See, the diabetes drug market is a $26 billion industry… 

Plus doctors can pocket up to $2,000 for giving their patients blood sugar medication! 

You heard that right… 

Doctors are motivated to make more money each time they write you another prescription…

They do NOT care about actually helping with your glucose-related conditions. 

I’m willing to put myself in the line of fire either way...

And I’m already dealing with potential legal injunctions every single day…

Which means the last thing I want to do is attract more attention to this. 

  1. Who should take GlucoFreeze? 

Great question! 

GlucoFreeze is for ANYONE who suffers from ANY blood sugar problems, no matter what the severity…

Or simply want to take it as a preventative measure, in case you’re worried about erratic blood sugar ruining your health. 

For example… 

If you are constantly hungry and craving sweets like chocolate cake or warm apple pie…

If fatigue is causing you to miss out on activities with the family or causing you to gain even more weight…

And if you are beginning to feel the consequences of erratic blood sugar, 

Like nerve pain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and blurred vision...

GlucoFreeze is for you. 

Plus there are zero side effects, and you can take it with other supplements… 

And with the 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee… 

There’s NO risk when you try GlucoFreeze today. 

  1. What happens once I choose my package and click the “Add to Cart” button? 

Once you choose your package below, you’ll go to my 100% secure checkout page.

Then just enter your payment information and place your order. 

After that you’ll receive GlucoFreeze in the next 5 business days…

Which means you’re less than a week away from making your blood sugar worries a distant memory.

  1. This sounds incredible! But I’m afraid it won’t work for me. Can you remind me about your guarantee? 


GlucoFreeze comes with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

That means if you order GlucoFreeze today…

Then have a full 2 months to decide if it’s right for you.

If you’re like the 57,000+ people who have used GlucoFreeze already…

Then you will be blown away with the results these powerful nutrients give you.

But if you’re not amazed with it for some reason…

Simply call or email my customer service team…

And we’ll refund your investment with zero questions asked.

The best part? 

You don’t even need to go through the hassle of sending the bottles back. 

This all means you truly have nothing to lose today when you get started.

  1. How long will GlucoFreeze be available? 

That’s hard to say, but by the looks of it… not long. 

My hope is that GlucoFreeze will triumph against erratic blo od suga r nationwide…

But because Big Pharma is out for blood on this breakthrough…

And is spending millions of dollars on legal fees to try and silence me…

It’s uncertain if I’ll be able to fight them off forever.

Plus, because we sourced the ingredients from only the highest-quality suppliers, 

It takes us more than 3 months to custom create each batch. So if you’re on this page and see the “SOLD OUT” sign, we may not have any Glucofreeze left for at least a couple months. 

That’s why it is important you get GlucoFreeze today…

Especially since it comes with a 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee…

Which means there’s zero risk to you.

  1. This sounds great! But is there a hidden subscription when I purchase? 


Your purchase of GlucoFreeze is a one-time purchase… 

And it does NOT include a monthly “auto ship” program that’s impossible to cancel. 

Plus, if you’re dissatisfied with GlucoFreeze for any reason whatsoever… 

You can always call up our US educated and US based Customer Support Team… 

And they will promptly answer any and every question you may have. 

  1. Alright I really want GlucoFreeze! What do I do now? 

This part is simple!

Just click one of the buttons below and choose your package.

Then complete your order…

And GlucoFreeze will be in your hands within just five business days from now. 

Plus there’s no risk because of my iron-clad 60-day guarantee!

You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

But if you’re suffering from high blood sugar, this may be your last chance to claim your own bottle of Glucofreeze. 

We are selling out much faster than we anticipated. 

So don’t wait any longer as this may be your final opportunity to purchase Glucofreeze. 

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and free yourself from the blood sugar nightmare. 

Hit the button below to grab your supply of Glucofreeze while it’s still in stock.

This presentation is now ending… 

And I want to say thank you for sticking with me all the way until the end… 

Go ahead and choose your package now… 

Take GlucoFreeze as directed for at least 30 days… 

And I cannot wait to hear about your success story! 

Thank you for watching, and God bless. 

John Cooper


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